May 11, 2008

Treadmil kitties. Not exactly FPP worthy, but it is the weekend, and it made me laugh out loud. I wish there was an acronym for that...(yootoob video)
  • Sparky is lazy.
  • This is awesome. More than FPP worthy. But why do the cats stay on? Maybe they are playing - it's a game to them. But especially when it gets faster and they have trouble staying on, I don't understand it. Maybe I just haven't been around enough playful cats or cats with a sense of humour.
  • why do they stay on, you ask..? because, most kats are basically stupid... that said, I have five kats, three stupid, two fairly smart.... even the stupid ones are lovable. here at the five cat house we lol'ed at this....thanks!
  • and, may I add, the best sidebar title we've had here in ages!
  • They're trying to get to the "off" button.
  • Cats are not basically stupid! That is a human trait. Cats are merely.. eccentric. Why does a cat do anything? Why do they run madly into paper bags? Chase shoelaces? I suspect they just enjoy a bit of fun.
  • What Hank said.
  • I think there was catnip hanging on the treadmill crossbar.