May 11, 2008

Chicken sexing! see also some of the comments here. You guys *eyeroll*
  • I'm not sure why I love that, but I do.
  • I'd heard of this thing called a cloaca before, the so-called vent these birds have instead of a more obvious mammalian feature. So it may be that these sexers have less to do with the wholistic than they do with just plain opening the puppy up.
  • Great article... worth the read just to get to "I've seen enough damn chicken asses." Thanks!
  • MonkeyFilter: "I've seen enough damn chicken asses." mmmmmmmmm, lovely, HB. Jump start my Sunday morning! It truly is a unique skill and difficult to master. I understand it still pays very, very well and is probably one way to make good money without any kind of degree. That said, a lifetime of staring at chicken asses is somehow...sad.
  • When you stare into the chicken's ass.. the chicken's ass stares into you. - Gallus Castaneda, A Wacky Way of Life
  • I've seen wanted ads for chicken sexers five or so years ago - as I recall it paid around A$45k per year (salary) then.
  • I'm afraid the ask what newspaper polychrome reads....
  • Yes, poly, but that's STARTING. I personally happen to know a chicken *ahem* sexer that makes 80k. She's been doing it 4 years. And is sick of chicken asses.
  • I lost the Chicken of Tomorrow Contest. Apparently I'm the Game Hen of Last Tuesday.
  • In my youth I did a lot of jobs in the poultry business, chicken catching, artificial insemination, factory processing, turkey plucking, cleaning out feral sheds, etc. There was only one job I really liked though, the releasing of a new batch of chicks into the shed. Opening up the boxes and releasing thousands of little yellow balls of cheeping fluff to run around was the cutest thing ever.
  • My department used to issue a publication called "The Poultry Waste Management Handbook." When I did the cover layout for a reprint, they CATEGORICALLY REFUSED to let me add the subtitle, "When You Don't Know Chickensh**." Some people just have no sensibility atall.
  • Obviously, TUM. They just didn't know.