May 11, 2008

foldit is a new computer game scientists have created that lets YOU help them make science!!

Similar in spirit to the SETI@home project, and expanding on the idea of the Rosetta@Home project (which is also like the SETI project), this one requires active participation to work. And according to its creators, you could win a Nobel Prize!! But you have to get the top score, so start clicking, Nerdlinger! via digg

  • The first link has been a little shy today, but keep trying if it doesn't work the first time.
  • Koko: Was way too tired last night and don't have any time to do much before I leave today, but I promise I'll sit down and look it over throughly ASAP.
  • That name sounds suspicious to me....fold it... Is this one of those scams where they hijack your PC and you end up folding some guy's laundry over the Internet?