April 29, 2008

Invite a doggie into your home when the crotchfruit is tiny, and they won't sneeze when they get bigger.

Turns out that slobbery tongues, wet noses and dog breath is good for ya.

  • Look, Ralph, if you're angling for an invite to dinner, just ask. But we're still not letting you lick the baby's face.
  • Any other species be good for you, too! It is preferable to have healthy pets well fed, UTD on their shots and worming, and don't let the tinys kiss doggy on the lips. *ick, phut, phoo, bleah, yuck!* People who let their pets lick them and kiss their animals on the lip--do you folks KNOW where that dog's tongue has bum been? Nothing wrong with a little bit of dirt.
  • Ugh! I’ve been kissed by a dog! I have DOG GERMS! Get hot water! Get some disinfectant! Get some iodine!
  • Eating a bit of dirt can be good for your health. Hey, chimps do it. And yes, I cringe at people that kiss their pets. Or leave babies around cute little puppies or kitten. Ok, keep them around, but just don't let them slobber all over you!
  • I cringe at people that kiss other people. People have germs! Leave the babies and kitties and puppies alone, they know what they're doing. I hope.
  • Makes me fondly remember my childhood Dog. He was a giant chocolate Lab, and from May to September he had a long string of drool extending from his tongue to the ground.
  • Unrepentant dog kisser here. My immune system is mighty
  • Is Dirt the New Prozac? "...recent studies indicate that treatment with a specific soil bacterium, Mycobacterium vaccae, may be able to alleviate depression [...] The bacteria, when injected into mice, activate a set of serotonin-releasing neurons in the brain—the same nerves targeted by Prozac.
  • "
  • Sorry, forgot to close quotes.
  • It is thought the pets bring germs into the home, stopping it being "too clean" and kick-starting the child's immune system. I don't need a dog to accomplish that.
  • Feh. Sure didn't work for me.
  • Mycobacterium vaccae, may be able to alleviate depression Well, after this afternoon shoveling horseshit in a shifting 35 mph gale, I should be happy as hell. Good bye, Celexa! As I was driving to my math class this evening, I realized I had dirt in my ears. Gross.
  • We hope it was dirt, GrandMa, for your sake. Many are the times that little Frogs went to school with horse poo on his shoes... Thanks to Mr. Frog's Dad for making poor Frogs shovel out the horse stall in the morning rather than after school. Man, nothing attracts the ladies like the scent of sweet timothy hay, sawdust bedding and horse urine. Oddly enough, having been the owner during my lifetime so far of (deep breath) 3 cats 4 goldfish 2 dogs 3 rabbits 1 gerbil 3 rats 1 horse and 1 goat (gasp), I have no known allergies except for damn near every brand of aluminum-free deodorant known to man (except for the aloe-based stuff I finally discovered, hooray aloe). Maybe mom and dad should have rubbed me with hippie planet-friendly metal-free deodorants instead of the germs of my several critters.
  • hooray aloe So... aloe-luia?
  • Something like that, yeah. :)