April 27, 2008

"A college student was last seen having a night on the town. He was partying with friends when they became separated. No one is sure how he ended up in the water. This is the disturbing path that almost all of the cases listed on this blog have taken." - Speculation that several disappearances in the Chicago and Great Lakes area are the work of a serial killer targeting young college men. via The Chicagoist
  • Some friends and I were discussing this last night, and I meant to research it better today... thanks for a great starting point.
  • Over FORTY MEN dying and the police won't do anything? Somebody needs to wake up. Males that age do stupid, stupid things, and it certainly sounds like there is a strong alcohol culture in that area. The police need to get on it and start looking at this stuff seriously. Even if ~only~ one of these is accidental, due diligence needs to be paid. I can't believe not ONE of these deaths wasn't murder/manslaughter of some type, given the male/alcohol combination. Scary stuff.
  • Wow, that's a long list. No way those are all accidental.
  • self link!
  • Yeah, before reading the article I was a bit dismissive. Living in a big college town, we occasionally have something similar happen here. But those numbers - yeah, there's got to be something more going on. Probably some clever nutjob is taking advantage of the fact that this does occasionally happen, to make people as dismissive as I originally was.
  • self link! I'm not seeing it. How'd you figure?
  • "I'm not seeing it. How'd you figure?" "Self link" implying that smallerdemon is the killer, thus drawing attention away from the real killer, orococo.
  • Sounds like the sort of thing the killer might say to deflect attention, ThinksTwice.
  • I inhabit the city by the bay, not the one by the lake. Although, I am a frequent visitor to the city by the lake (and have plans to move there at some point) and keep up with Chicago news, thus my finding the whole mess a bit head scratching. All of those things separate DO seem incredibly innocuous, but when you pull them all together it does have a pattern that seems suspicious.
  • Well, you know, as innocuous as drunken college boys passing out and drowning can seem. I think "accidental" was work I really wanted to use there. It's early. *sips coffee* Better vocabulary later.
  • coffee!!!! /runs to kitchen
  • The media loves labels. 'Smiley Face' murders?