April 27, 2008

You don't want it, he can't have it back.
  • Because nothing says "I love you!" like a piece of jewelry that used to say "I love you!" and now says "I loved you? Hoo boy! What was I thinking? What were YOU thinking?" You could push the content of that page to another site called "CURSED TOKENS OF AFFECTION".
  • I think the site serves a useful function, but I find it to be over-designed. Can people actually spend time on a site like that without suffering permanent visual impairment?
  • My heart sooo goes out to these poor women. My ex boyfriend and I were going to a wedding and he was a very materialistic person and had to have something to 'show off' so he bought me this bracelet to wear so that people would compliment him on being a great boyfriend. He was so nasty to me. Just gross, but he gave really good gifts. It was a catch 22 that had me hooked for a loooong time. All I can say is I hope he's happy with all that debt he racked up... and his aloneness. *dries tear for non-materialistic and brokenhearted women This poor woman epitomizes the horror of it all.
  • *heh* That poor woman looks awfully... uh... masculine.
  • Actually, I think it's Captain Renault. That should bring him out...
  • it IS the Capt.!!! and, you're right, rtd, that is way too much superbright retro, about 10 years too late, despite the decent content idea.
  • Gah. This kind of thing pisses me off, and most of the entries make me ashamaed to share a gender with these folks. "Hey Mom and Dad, remember that time I got married really young? Sorry about that. I can't pay you back for the wedding, but I'll split whatever I get for these with you. Deal?" Oh, don't go crazy with the generosity, there, Buffy. At least make sure the split is 60/40 in your favor.
  • Hell hath no fury greed...
  • Nothing sweeter than those words, "We'll take it". What a high. But always keep the receipt. *sigh*