April 27, 2008

TED: Ideas worth spreading. It is what it says "Inspired talks by the world's greatest thinkers and doers". This site has astounded me on more than one occasion. It's made me cry and left me speechless on more than one occasion, too.

This is an annual, invite-only summit that features a multitude of leaders in Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED). Many of you are familiar with it, have heard of it, I'm sure. Not sure how many have seen the revamped site that got going about a year ago. Surprisingly, a Hall Pass came up for auction on Ebay when someone couldn't attend - with TED approval, of course. It sold for just over $33,000. I'd love to know if any Monkeys have had the opportunity to attend a summit. Regardless of the fact that TED is exclusive to the extreme - this is what got me started. INCREDIBLE.