April 25, 2008

Autonomous Robotic Jellyfish Jellyfish robots that are autonomous.
  • WANT wantwant want W-a-n-t WANT
  • I thought the AirJelly was particularly graceful, particularly the landing. These creations seems to nicely bridge the gap between engineering and art.
  • Well this'll teach me to be cute with the description. If I had said wow, check out these beautiful examples of applied engineering in the form of these awesomely cool robots, perhaps this thread would have gathered more than one comment that wasn't from me. Lesson learned!
  • For more comments you should have titled it: - "Death fish 2 - return of the robots" or - "Your children are at risk (details at 6:00)" or - "Sexy robo-jelly from the deep". The AirJelly is indeed awesome, and I want an AquaJelly with lights for the pool at night. But they are so elegant there isn't much more to say.
  • Thanks TT. also: Two Robots, one tank. I dare you to click this. This guy was bottoming for a jellyfish. or adding NSFW perhaps?
  • You forgot to mention goats.
  • You should have just slipped in something like, "...jellyfish, which are close relatives of the goat..." then had a diagram of a goat linked, but replace all the proper names of the anatomical parts in the diagram with places in Albuquerque. Thus: triumph.
  • You forgot to mention goats. Dammit!- I knew I was missing something. Thanks Hank. I otter know better by now.
  • OH!!! You said JELLYFISH My mistake. Now THAT'S interesting.
  • Goats or no goats, I love the AquaJelly, its glowing lights and lack of stingers.
  • Ack!!! Get'em away! GET'EM AWAY
  • *sigh* I wish I could enjoy the robot animals without worrying about extinction of the real ones.