April 25, 2008

Hobotopia reveals the real origin of the Laugh-Out-Loud Cats. I found the series charming.
  • Mentioned before, I fear, but still charming.
  • Damn. I searched, honest. I blame Basalisk for typing "laugh out loud" instead of "Laugh-Out-Loud" as on the linked page. I also searched for Hobotopia but that didn't find it either. I still thought it might be a double since it's been around a while, but he's added a lot of new material since last July.
  • All the best people double-post.
  • You're most charitable. Perhaps I can salvage this post by noting that the artist, who happens to go by the pseudonym "Ape Lad" has produced a considerable collection of monkey art? I, for one, would like to welcome our Overmonkey.
  • Heehee, I love the Cylon Monkey!
  • Ape Lad used to have a thing where you could send him $20 and a hobo name, and he'd draw the hobo for you. (This offer seems to have expired - or at least, I wasn't able to find a link.) Not only is that a pretty sweet way to get some original art, it also strikes me as a wonderful way for artists to earn money off their work. (Which is very very hard, despite what 1KTF would have you believe.)
  • I emailed Ape Lad about doing that for a LOLcat. He said he would do it, but he doesn't advertise it so much because he simply can't promise turnaround times anymore. He's got several projects going, some of which are not mentioned on the blog.
  • This is FANTASTIC. Thanks :D
  • I asked Ape Lad to draw this for DangerIsMyMiddleName, and it is fabulous.