April 25, 2008

It's A Flee Country! Former CIA analyst Chalmers Johnson, who coined the geopolitical usage of the term "Blowback", says in this Good Magazine piece that the time has come to give up on America.

"In short, I think our ship of state is heading for a mammoth iceberg. Just as many people in 1930s Germany were, I’m too old to leave and will probably go down with the ship. But if I were younger, I would be thinking of bailing out. Vote, if you must, in November, but don’t expect that things will change much, let alone get better."
  • Problem is, I don't think there's anywhere to run to this time.
  • “Oh and one more thing… you won’t like what comes after America” - Leonard Cohen
  • ya know...I don't like what is happening here.. but it is going to take more than a one page rant that compares us to Nazi Germany to convince me to bolt rather than to continue to attempt to facilitate and encourage change. You have to admit, he's saying "if you don't like it, leave!"... pretty much the right wing message to us from the beginning... Pretty simplistic...
  • Wow, that has to be some kind of record.... Godwin's Law fulfilled in the primary link. In essence what I get out of this is, "Because the political climate in this country is not to my liking, people should leave it." Don't let the door hit your @ss on the way out, Chalmers.
  • he's saying "if you don't like it, leave!" Actually, I think he's saying that he doesn't like it, so you should leave.
  • Fiji. I'm going to fiji. or mars... I haven't decided yet.
  • Saying "Vote if you must" isn't the way to my heart, Chalmer-walmers. If everyone who was eligible to vote actually DID vote, things would change right smartly.
  • I thought he got started off great, and I was expecting to spend the next 45 minutes at least reading his article. And then it ended. I was rather disappointed more in this than his overall message. He could have developed it further and addressed the obvious points (made by a few of you all) and made the article much better.
  • Anyone know where Chalmers is residing now?