April 25, 2008

Oh dear, timesuck alert. Race your little car against other little cars by typing movie and book quotes. It's a little biased if you're good at remembering quotes, like I'm not.

I totally got this from Mefi today and was highly distressed at my mediocre typing speed. 70wpm, wtf?

  • I can't type at all. So I just suck.
  • I totally saw this on Mefi today and was ecstatic at my typing speed. 69wpm. Rock on! All things are relative.
  • Average of 58 words per minute over 5 races while dodging the boss and with a fractured right fifth metacarpal and a cast on my arm from my knuckles to just below my elbow. I feel like the Werzog.
  • 1st place, 91WPM, suck it, bitches!!! Um... I mean... thank you for the link, tracicle! I liked it.
  • Excelint.... Nise feind. I lov teh tiping gayms. someway all time gaym sez I gets zeero WPM? I tipe fast n gud. No I undurstand?
  • I totally got this from a co-worker who always sends me links he gets from MeFi. Great way to waste time while sounding like you're working REALLY HARD. In 30 second bursts.
  • 30-second. Gah.
  • Oh nice, I totally suck worse than I thought.
  • Grrr, stupid Javascript and AJAX alerts kept screwing with me, causing my computer to lock up and restart. On the plus side, not a time suck.
  • Hi f8x!