April 23, 2008

Very promising cancer treatment based on an incredibly simple idea from a retired radio engineer, John Kanzius.

The most interesting aspect to me, is the fact that it took someone outside of the medical profession (and not even a college grad) to think of this.

  • Not to be a party pooper, but this can't really be described as 'promising', because while the theory is viable, there is no technological means by which to make it work. It requires nanoparticles of gold and carbon to bind specifically to cancer cells. Currently, if I understand correctly, there is no method to achieve this. So, while the theory is very exciting, we can't actually do it.
  • I read somewhere (I'll find the link later) that there is a method to achieve this IIRC. In any case even if not, it can attack localized tumours without radiation and that's a good thing.
  • Hank, of course we can't do it right now. But nobody is making that claim, and that doesn't make this any less exciting. We're problem solving creatures - we'll either find a way to do it, or we won't.
  • Fascinating. Whether binding nanoparticles of gold to cancer cells is not yet achievable, this new development is quite intriguing.
  • Pretty awesome. At leas someone's thinking along new lines.
  • This guy was pretty well debunked over at The Blue recently. See also this earlier thread about his dubious claim of burning salt water.
  • "D'you expect me to talk?" "No, Mr. Bond! I expect your tumor to shrink!"
  • Wasn't there some guy that had some sort of magic ray that he claimed cured many an ailment? He claimed to not understand how it worked, only that it did? Does anyone remember that, or am I just crazy?
  • Whatcha need is magnets. Oh, and bee stings.
  • You're thinking of Wilhelm Reich? Or maybe Alex Chiu?
  • am I just crazy? Do you really want us to answer that?