April 23, 2008

The Dictionary of Victorian London is a collection of contemporaneous texts and illustrations describing just about every aspect of London as it was during the 19th century. Victorian fast food, cross dressing, visions of the future, and a hog's head more.

My first FPP. Pray be gentle with me, goodfolk.

  • A bene glibe, me dumber mot and no balm - a brushen o' cockpunch to you. I have been reading the 'flash dictionary'
  • God, Policeman of the Future is so going to be my next Hallowe'en costume! Once I figure out what squibs and mob-persuaders are, of course. This is awesome, I love love love this kind of stuff. Great first FPP, VeraGemini!
  • Fascinating. Now I feel a bit peckish for some hot eel.
  • Awesome, VG! I just forwarded it to the cast of my play, which is set in the criminal world of 1871 London. I wish I had found it back when I was putting the whole thing together!
  • I just bookmarked that. I suppose there can be no higher praise for an fpp. Great post, VeraGemini!
  • ... charged with being found disguised as women in the Druids'-hall, in Turnagain-lane, an unlicensed dancing-room, for the purpose of exciting others to commit an unnatural offence. Oh, man! Halcyon days.