April 22, 2008

Ascii Art Dictionary
  • Anyone remember the K5 ASCII Reenactment Players? I miss them. Sadly, it looks like they've been purged from the K5 collective consciousness.
  • That is super-cool. I felt that I needed to post a comment before all of the comments are done in the form of ascii art. At that point, I would be speechlessly fucked.
  • I wanted to post the Ascii monkey but it looked all squished :(
  • I'm gonna post this to mefi, and make the lack of images a null point.... mefi will be overrun with Ascii and monkeyfilter will rule again!
  • Spifftacular! Too bad you can't actually use ASCII art on the web any more. Damn you, relative positioning! And you too, sans-serif!
  • All the big complex ascii images that I remember were of hot and/or naked women. I guess that has something to do with me being a teenage boy in the 80s.
  • The listing for music displays the opening bars to the Star Trek theme confirming my suspicion that nerds have something to do with this ASCII business. OTOH, if they were fully accomplished nerds they would have known that the first note is a downbeat and not a pickup bar.