April 22, 2008

A game of universal inebriation, teamwork, clones as pets, and sex0r in space, sprinkled liberally with teh funnay.

You are brought back to life after roughly a thousand years of being cryogenically frozen. The future you find yourself in is controlled by five secret societies - Order of the Amaranth, the Illuminati, the Society of Oddfellows, the Triads, and the Easter Stars - who struggle to rule the universe. As a newly-thawed Popsickle, you must learn the ways of your new reality, gain power in your secret society, eat, drink, fight, and sex0r your way to power. The game is turn-based, and is reset every three to four months when one society wins control of the universe so a new war can start. Some content is NSFW. There's a wiki being built with information on the game, ranging from item descriptions to quest spoilers on how to earn the various degrees in your secret society. I've been playing for a few days now, and seem to be pretty firmly ensconced in the Illuminati. Come join the fun, and if there are any Illuminati Monkeys, look me up when you get into space (I'm Christophine there, too) and I'll sex0r you silly.

  • IT'S CHRISTOPHINE!!!!!!! *waves frantically*
  • I am much more of an instant gratification computer game player. And I still completely enjoy basics like spider solitaire. I did get bloons from here and some game where we shot zombies with a shotgun. I just can't imagine putting the time into one of these longer term games (there is a name for those, isn't there?). Anyway, if I find myself with a good chunk of time on my hands, I shall give it a whirl.
  • Grammaw! Going to come help the Illuminati win the war? Well, just see if I offer YOU sex0r again, bernockle! *flounces off* (It's cool. I know the time investment isn't for everyone.)
  • I've signed up. It has aspects of Kingdom of Loathing about it, but I need to find time to get going properly. I totally beat up a bunch of people in Central Park, though, woo!
  • Hmmm... Must remember to get a tracicle doppelpet. It would be much more fun to have a pet tracikraken than the random stranger I chose because it was cheap. Looking forward to seeing you around the universe, Monkeybashi, whether you wind up in the Illuminati or not.
  • I'll take bernockle's share of the s3x0r, please, Christophine. :)
  • Sweet Mothra, I wish I had time for this - it sounds awesome. ALMOST as awesome as seeing an FPP from Chrstophine!
  • It does sound fun. Mr Medusa has been adamantly (and futilely) trying to get me to play StormReach (not!!!!) but this sounds more like my kinda timesuck. but I don't have time.... have fun!
  • Hi Christophine!!! So, is this one of them text-based dealies?
  • TenaciousPettle: Anytime, darlin'. For a fine sonnet writer like yourself, you don't even need to join the game for that. ;) TUM and Medusa: If either or both of you suddenly find you have a little spare time, would love to see you there. Koko: Hi, yourself! This game is somewhat like Kingdom of Loathing. Small, simple graphics, text descriptions of creatures/weapons/items/interactions, but it's still a point and click game. No text-adventure style typing.
  • *tugs at collar, fans self, scribbles madly in notebook*