April 22, 2008

PWN TEH N00BZ- ForumWarz is the Internet in game form. Your goal is to become a horrible troll who raids 'net communities and shuts them down just for the lulz. You know, just like the real Internet!

Character classes include CamWhore, EmoKid and the classic drooling Troll. Attacks are made by performing feats such as posting offensive ascii art, banging mindlessly on your keyboard and creepy flirtation. Watch your Ego and Douchebaggery levels, though! If either one drops too low you'll have to resort to pumping yourself full of prescription medication in order to gain the bloodymindedness necessary to make a truly transcendent ass out of yourself.

  • This is funny.
  • I kind of want to join for the lulz but I'm a little afraid of it after watching the trailer.
  • It's definitely an odd one, but it's pretty funny and there's even an interesting plot to it. In fact, it gets better as you go along and a web of conspiracy begins to emerge as to whose manipulating you into being a total bastard and why. And crude humor, lots of crude humor. But no NSFW images or anything that I've seen.
  • I went through as far as the sign-up having a good chuckle, the bailed out as I waste enough time online as it is and fulfil my trolling needs here.
  • dead link at the moment. Well, I just have to play here. FUCK YOU STUPID MONKEYS!!
  • What's that smell? Oh, it's KAMUS!
  • It's back now HITLER
  •       .".".".     (`       `)               _.-=-.      '._.--.-;             .-`  -'  '.     .-'`.o )  \           /  .-_.--'  `\    `;---) \    ;         /  / ;' _-_.-' `      `;"`  ;    \        ; .  .'   _-' \       (    )    |        |  / .-.-'    -`        '-.-'     \       | .' ` '.-'-\`         /_./\_.|\_\      ;  ' .'-'.-.         /         '-._    \` /  _;-,        |         .-=-.;-._ \  -'-,        \        /      `";`-`,-"`)         \       \     '-- `\.\          '.      '._ '-- '--'/            `-._     `'----'`;                `"""--.____,/                       \\  \                       // /`                   ___// /__         jgs     (`(`(---"-`) (shamelessly copied from joan stark)
  • I totally pwned this thread with my cock pic.
  • A girl in a chicken mask gave me a blue raspberry lollipop outside my office today.
  • cock pic
  • I am against the concept of blue raspberry, which seems to be creeping its way into our society more and more each day. Raspberries are red for a reason, and should be left as such, not this "I am the god of food coloring, and I choose to make raspberries blue" nonsense. Don't get me started on cream soda.
  • I've actually been playing ForumWarz for a couple days (you can only play a limited amount each day) and having some fun with it. Then again, I'm hopped up on the Vicodin.
  • Have you gotten to the KKK yet? That one sent me home bruised and bloodied.
  • I finished it. But I had to go into it with tons of Viagrow. And eye drops. I'm an ego kid, so most of my attacks consist of bad poetry and whining about my parents. And cutting. I'm finding their in-character forums hilarious, too. I must have a sick sense of humor.
  • Make that emo kid, not ego kid. Freudian?
  • I am highly offended, and intend to bring my war to this forum. NickDanger is ignoring me over at ForumWarz, and I want to pwn his sorry ass over here in retribution. Blah.
  • Whoa,I had no idea. I haven't played it for weeks. Man, I'm even falling behind in my time-wasting...
  • Uh-oh. Then who is the Nick Danger who responded to my tubmail the other day?
  • Ruhr roh! That's right, I'm not even "nick danger" on Forum Warz! I'm "Inevitable". Oh, Lara, what have you done?
  • What are the odds that there'd be a "nick danger" there and it isn't you? You're having me on, aren't you?
  • And if it's not you, then this troll probably wants to know why I'm writing him bad emo poems about monkeys.
  • *coffee spittake*