April 16, 2008

Puddle blog.
  • Just when I thought the internet was full.
  • This puddle doesn't lead a very interesting existence.
  • Okay that's it! I'm bringing my "dryingpaint.com" out into the blogosphere for everyone to watch and be amazed. Actually no not really but I might just check and see what idiot owns the domain
  • And that, my friends, is what the internet is all about. I applaud this blogger. No sarcasm. There's a niche for everything. Go Puddle Guy!
  • I love it! I've been a puddle-appreciator all my life, and these are gorgeous pics. Of course, I sometimes find that the best way to appreciate a truly superlative puddle is to jump into the middle of it.
  • I'd applaud too by sounds of it but connection keps timing out from here.
  • This puddle doesn't lead a very interesting existence Are you kidding??!!??!!! The coat hangers, the glove, the paper boat?? I wish my life were as exciting. I like it when puddles get that thin layer of ice over the top because then I step on it and it makes a loud crunch. I think only the Canada puddles get this kind of ice.
  • That's because the water is 33% beer.
  • We get that sort of ice here too, and yes. I can confirm the beer content.
  • Monkeyfilter: 33% beer content
  • I thought you said piddle blog. What a relief!
  • This reminded me of how mysterious puddles really are.
  • Yay! 2nite I am a puddle too!