April 15, 2008

Are Bill and Ben The Oldest Twin Horses in the World? - The 24-year-old equine brothers are hoping to trot into the record books with their claim to the title.
  • Handsome pair regardless, or am I the victim of Photoshop skulduggery and it's really just the one horse?
  • Any mother who makes her twins dress in the same clothes should be whipped! Expecially when they are 24.
  • Also naming them after kiddie show characters is just asking for school beatings.
  • What handsome boys!
  • Most likely oldest twins--twinning is hard with horses, and they often don't live as long. They're a good age, and look very happy and healthy, if a bit on the chubby side. The old horse next door to me died at 42, which is like 150 in people years. COoOl website, Hankie. Thanks!
  • I love incredibly idiotic world records. I especially love the ones that are world records only because no one has attempted them previously. "World Record for Largest Bowl of Hot Dog Soup!" This one falls into the category of Completely Unprovable World Records.
  • Bullshit. Horse breeding only happens to be one of the most documented areas anywhere.
  • You obviously know way more about this than I do, but aren't lots and lots of horses born everyday in non-breeding situations? And couldn't that lead to some undocumented twin births?
  • "Everyday in non-breeding situations" - it's the story of my life.
  • I might have climbed Mt Everest before Sir E. Hillary, but if I didn't document it, it doesn't mean doodly. I mean, that's the point, isn't it? One can claim all sorts of things. By definition a record requires proof. The oldest cat was probably 43 but the oldest documented is 36. The oldest recorded human I think was 115 but there was another who was much older, IIRC in the 120+ range, but since that latter person didn't have a birth record, it really couldn't be proven. Sure there may have been older twin horses, but twin horses being rare to begin with, the chances of this are way, way lower than other species, so it is something more likely to be noticed, remarked on, recorded. By their nature, horses are special beasts that owners take great pride in, & there tend to be records kept even outside of breeders. Somebody, somewhere, would remember the 40-yr old Clydesdales that Farmer Jack Bluehorse kept out the back. I've not heard of many single horses living to 24, & I come from a family of horses arses. I mean horse people. ;) I thought it surprising, personally. I'm not really sure why you're putting this in the category of 'world's largest snot bubble' because this doesn't really seem to be one of those kinds of phony ones. And, you know, the thing is a question, it hasn't been proven, so...
  • *clears throat* Neigh-sayers.