April 13, 2008

mean cat song, not for the easily terrified! SLYT (I hate that acronym, but it's easier than typing Single Link You Tube, but I think I just defeated the purpose of that)..exactly as described.

I dislike rap, I dislike young good looking guys that make me look like a geezer, sometimes I don't like youtube... despite that, I share this with you!

  • Thanks, geezer.
  • This is awful, but any posts on a Sunday are welcome.
  • Here's a video for HuronBob to make up for my grouchiness: Lovely Huron Bob Puddy Tat
  • Hank... never, EVER, turn your back on me....
  • HB you need to sic Sparta on Hank, RIGHT NOW!
  • i want the 90 seconds i lasted watching that video back. altho Sparta was awfully cute... i like kittehs with spotses
  • This looks like a good place to post An Engineer's Guide to Cats.
  • I would be particularly impressed if the lyrics were written before any of the footage was filmed. If so, then Sparta is one of the most talented catctors of all time.
  • heh... I found this by watching the Engineer's guide over at Meta..... also worth watching... And, es el, the cats here took a vote on the stripes vs spots issue, strips came in first (3 votes)no stripes OR spots came in second (2 votes from the elitist siamese), spots... -0- votes..(they all just laughed at that concept, in fact, they're still laughing)
  • i don't have any spotty cats either (one all-black, one tortie-calico, and one tabby who might have a spot or two, if you're feeling generous), but i still like the concept.
  • I enjoyed the link to daschund with tennis ball machine. Made me wonder if beeswacky is still alive. *sniffle*
  • I lubs me some stripy-spotty grey and black kittehs. Does anyone besides me feel this post needs a link to My cat hates you? Darn you, fish tick!! I misses the bees.
  • All those lowly kitten can't compete with PipePuppy's cachet.
  • ceci n'est pas un pipe.
  • Photobucket Hank, that was my first rickroll ever. What a way to start the week! I love the Engineers' Guide to Cats.
  • Very FuNnY ¿~¿~ThE~¿~¿ ~¿~WoRlD~¿~ ¿~¿JoKeR¿~¿