February 15, 2008

Up With Hillary- HP Marketing Expert Gives Flagging Clinton Campaign the Dancingest Endorsement of Them All: Up With People!

Okay, not actually Up With People, but close e-god-damned-nough.

  • Warning: YouTube and relentlessly positive attitude.
  • Wow. That's even more of a death knell than the appearance of Ted McGinley.
  • Captain, it's poor form to win the thread so early.
  • I thought the Hill-a-ry (4 U & me) song was cute. Okay, so the lyrics are naff in the extreme, but the people look like they're having a good time and the music's okay. The Obama one is much much better but could be cut to about 20% of its length. It descends into naffness once or twice too.
  • *Snoopydance*
  • You know, I watched the whole Hillary one from beginning to end, but stopped the Obama one about 30 seconds in. This probably tells you a lot about me.
  • I only watched the Obama one because of Ms. Johansson.
  • I've realized the the Hillary song is an ear worm, whereas the Obama one is slick and impressive but not long lasting.
  • You go out of touch white girl!
  • Wow- even the black dude singing sounded square and "white". Should be be big hit with Rockford Files viewers.
  • NYER-nyer, nyer nyer nyer, Neener-neener-nee-ner nyer nyer nyer.
  • Meh.
  • Increasingly desperate Clinton pulls out the stops in latest political ad.
  • Say, wasn't this posted in another thread?