February 15, 2008

A very compelling shower scene - yes, it's an advertisement, but such a seductively beautiful bit of video. Directed by Bruno Aveillan of Short-Films, as Anne at Ample Sanity informs us. Possibly nsfw if rippling six-packs, glistening pecs and steamy titanium offend.
  • It's beautiful but I felt sad for the robot.
  • Mh, I was expecting the gynoid to extend a blade and cut pretty boy's throat. Chris Cunningham's classic All Is Full of Love has more sexual tension.
  • Oh sure, use an electric razor in the shower. What? There was a robot..?
  • Too much robot.
  • ...but I felt sad for the robot. Yeah. She's gonna rust up in no time.
  • She was evocative of the classic fembot from Metropolis, but with better skin. I would think in the days when robot servants are avaiable, there'll also be home laser hair removal units or some such.