November 17, 2007

The New Herzog Film Is Out Next Week, and it's the festive season: Thusly, I propose a London Meetup to go and see it. And then drink. Manfully.

Say, around the 30th November? It shall only be an insignificant bullet. What say you, people?

  • The man's name is "der Werzog". And he's gonna be pissed when he reads this post. Wish I were in London. I would change my name to "DangerIsMyLastName" for the occaision.
  • The doorbell just rang. Oh shit.
  • Bale will play Dengler, and Zahn will play an ill-looking and bent POW.
    Bale is looking gaunt in the stills/photos. What does it mean about Zahn? It's hardly "bent" in the "not straight" sense, is it?
  • But yeah, y'all have a great meetup and that.
  • *shakes fist*
  • *fires significant bullets*
  • Tell you what, Danger, by my ticket and I'll go. And yes, I mean PLANE ticket you cheap bastard.
  • *cries big wet girly tears*
  • *pulls blankets over head*
  • Saw the movie. Liked it a lot. Herzon apparently directed a documentary on the same subject several years ago. The critics all claim that the documentary is better than this dramatization. Of course. Because the book is always better than the movie. The original is always better than the remake. Etc. I liked the movie a lot. Though I have never been to war in Southeast Asia, the movie had a feeling of being real that I don't get in most movies.
  • Herzon apparently... For this you will not be long for this world. I want you to know that I have treasured your friendship dearly.
  • I'll ask the wife
  • I can't make it, unfortunately. Sorry
  • I haven't made it to a mofi meet since about 2004. I'm a disgrace, really
  • I haven't made it to any Mofi meetup dng, don't worry.
  • But...
  • Can't you combine the two events?
  • Bale is yer go-to man for starving for a production. Werzog saw The Machinist and thought, "Aha, someone new to point a gun at!"