November 11, 2007

Cookie O Puss
  • Holy cats! I haven't seen an old skool Carvel commercial in years! Cookie Puss (the non-St. Patrick's day version) was simply a whale mold put on its side with a cone slapped into the middle. Fudgie the Whale was for Father's Day.
  • Oh wait, SANTA is Fudgie on its side. Cookie Puss (and Cookie O Puss and Kewpie Puss) are the Same mold as the menorah cake.
  • Cookie Puss
  • I miss Tom Carvel's gravelly voice in those ads. It really was the epitome of local ads: disturbingly bad, yet charmingly earnest.
  • I grew up eating so much carvel ice cream cake that I am often amazed I do not have a layer of chocolate cookie crumbs running down the middle of me.
  • And you're sure you don't because...?
  • Whale
  • Ooooooooh, I likes me the chubby little cat salt and peppers! Squeeeee for the kitchen.
  • WANT!