November 11, 2007

Man can fly. The most exciting thing I've ever seen.
  • Honest? Some of it is taking the piss.
  • And can I say that the rest is shaving my nose
  • Ahhhh! Me want fly. Me want fly! On another note, doesn't the shot of the guy in white look a top view of the return of Jesus? Y'know. God's perspective. "Land safely, son!"
  • I had an elaborate series of tiny heart attacks watching the video. Reminds me of the flying skwrls who used to jump around outside my kitchen window.
  • I would do this in a cocaine heartbeat.
  • These guys have a frickin' death wish.
  • I'm afraid the old ticker would probably seize up mid-flight but it would still be a helluva way to go.
  • I have had a few dreams of flying. They were surprisingly like this one. Downhill. Quiet and beautiful. Glory be.
  • Sometimes when you fall, you fly.
  • I would cry, and vomit, and then pass out. And then vomit again.
  • Nice Sandman quote, Pallas.
  • Aha, someone gets it! My wasted youth is vindicated.
  • I have decided that I am definitely doing this. I don't care how long it takes.
  • My fear is it would only take like, three seconds. Straight down.