August 28, 2007

Our intrepid reporter returns triumphant with this Philippine photostory about cockfighting There was also some, I don't know, military action or something, but I fully admit that these photos really stood out to me. Those among us that are fond of chickens may not want to click the link.

For accompanying reading, I recommend the infamous Deep Play: Notes on the Balinese Cockfight by anthropologist Clifford Geertz.

  • I clicked and just saw thumbnails, then quickly clicked away. My mind can't comprehend the cruelty people put on animals.
  • Ole Hanks gonna have a conniption over this
  • Fantasitic images (as disturbing as cockfighting may be)! I was not aware that it was such a popular sport in the Philippines. My hat off to our intrepid reporter, Danger...
  • Faskinatin'! Well done (again), DIMMN!
  • I, hate to say it, but I used to buy the "cocks fight anyway, it's not a big deal" line. But then, in a butcher's shop in the South Valley, I saw a collection of the steel spurs for sale. Fuck that shit.
  • I have a fit over *all* animal cruelty.
  • oooh! crumbs! Yeah, it's pretty horrible. But it was also very strange to see how much these guys cared for their birds. Right until they make them fight with blades strapped to their legs, for sure, but there was real care and attention, and a weird form of love. But then 30 seconds later you'd have one of them coughing up blood, dying on the sand. I've got some video too, that I'm editing today. I'll post a link. Meanwhile, here are the pictures from the little war I went to cover. And Nickdanger is referring to one of these.
  • No NASCAR and TV eh? Well, it won't be long. Hyuk! Wimmen shore is funny, like a dang ol' ree-tard with boobies! Haw! Sorry. Guh.
  • Deep Play is a fascinating read. I wish scientists could figure out what makes people (unfortunately mostly men) want to maim and kill things.
  • The attraction of watching others suffer for enjoyment escapes me, especially when it involves the powerless, i.e. animals. Unfortunately subjugation and exploitation are nothing new. As a dyed-in-the-wool pacifist I am sickened daily by violence couched as entertainment. I'd blame testosterone but that's too simplistic. I agree with BlueHorse. There's plenty of pain and suffering already; I cannot understand the human urge to create more. The world is full of horror. Okay, I'm depressed now.
  • *hands kinnakeet chocolate ice cream cone*
  • Thankyou. You're the (pete)best. *Makes yum-yum noise, skips away*
  • Congrats on the story, DIMMN, but still, ew.