June 23, 2007

In NYC tonight? Come see the first show I've ever produced! Woulda posted earlier, but didn't wanna be a self-promotin' monkey. Now, it's close enough to time I suppose. More info inside.

Friday, June 22 at 11:30pm, $12 ROFL! with SLOVIN AND ALLEN and REGGIE WATTS at Joe's Pub: 425 Lafayette St (off East 4th), NYC Presented with The Onion and Paper Thin Walls Featuring web art, presentations and "teh funney" from • Josh Fruhlinger of Comics Curmudgeon and Wonkette • Cintra Wilson of Salon and Dregublog • Tony Carnevale of Channel 102 • Michelle Collins of You Can't Make It Up and VH1's Best Week Ever • Andrew Baron, co-creator and producer of Rocketboom • Marisa Olson, artist / editor / curator of Rhizome.org • Stu VanAirsdale of The Reeler • Charles Broskoski of Supercentral OMG, so WTF is ROFL? • ROFL is the very best of the internet, lovingly hand-picked by eight of America’s most-respected blogger types for maximum freshness and optimum awesomeness. • ROFL is high art, low humor, YouTube video, Myspace weirdness, flash animation, web memes, conceptual puzzles, original film and non-sequiturs galore. • ROFL is a gong show for the new millennium. • ROFL is twelve bucks to get out of the house and meet people who are even more web-obsessed than you are! THERE WILL BE DRINKING! AND POSSIBLY GIRLS! Hosted by the ever-pithy Slovin and Allen (Comedy Central’s Premium Blend, Saturday Night Live) and featuring live improvisation from avant-garde oddball Reggie Watts, ROFL promises to be the finest internet variety show you’ve ever drunkenly laughed yourself sick to. • SEE! Eight bloggers enter with their finest internet finds and online creations... but only 1.0 will exit with the kind of digital hipster cred that can't be bought by PayPal! • SCREAM! Your applause will mercilessly separate digital wheat from the GIGO chaff as the eight blogger bracket is winnowed down to the ultimate dorko-el-dorko match. • COVET! As the winner makes off with a kingly $150 grand prize! • MOCK! As the losers run home PWND and sobbing. • OGLE IN DISBELIEF At the astonishing lineup of writers, producers, programmers and curators we've assembled from the fields of journalism, business, comedy, art and television. It's multidisciplineat-o! • REMEMBER! There’s only room on the ROFLcopter for a few… so get your tickets now.

  • congrats Forks! Break a leg, sorry I can't be there in person.
  • Yeay, forks!!! (But can the gods that be not look at this as a self post? Or, move it to the self post thread? Forks has a wonderful history, from talking about caring for his mother when she was very sick, to getting started after moving back to NYC, to giving us those incredible music links. ) Do I need to start a "free Forksclovetufo" movement?
  • whups; admin please move to self post thread? Forgot the general monkey law: ape shall not (self)hype ape.
  • i wasn't going to say anything....
  • This straddles self-post and meetup thread territory. I'm not bothered by it, but perhaps in the interest of precedence....
  • I've compromised for the sake of my own laziness by putting the word MEETUP in the title. Now, plan a meetup. Make shoutouts to be shouted out. Pretend this isn't a *ahem* self-link.
  • I think this should precedent a new and improved posting format: a curious self-meetup. How did it go?
  • *complains If you're going to have a meet-up, you need to generate more lead time. How can I get my request in for a shout-out? I heartly wish to endorse this new and improved posting format. You GOwent, Forks! How'd it turn out? Were there actually girls, or was that just a self-promotional come-on?
  • Pics or it didn't happen.
  • Loves it. More, more. Congrats and happies for forksclovetofu.
  • What's with NYC and these last-minute, so-called meetups?? *frustrated* Well damn, I didn't see this post when I left work at 6:00 yesterday, smack in the middle of midtown. Had I seen it sooner, I would have been up for checking it out and dipping my fingers in an impromptu meetup! Here it is, Saturday afternoon. *sigh* Hope it went well, forks!! Some advance warning next time! And belated congrats... *implores all NYC vicinity monkeys to save the date for this fall when Capt may visit NYC*
  • You guys are teh awesome. I think I kinda guiltily knew that this was self-promotion and intentionally sabotaged myself with it so it couldn't actually help sales. It makes sense to my warped mind, I guess... The show went great and we're doing it again on July 27th... the hope is that this will be a regular monthly thing. Everybody cool on me updating this when I've got more info and bumping when it happens? I'd dearly love to have a monkey contingent.
  • SMT: I blame Forks. No meet-up, no shout-out. If you're going to self-promote, fer cryin' out loud do it with enough lead time!
  • Sheesh you go offline for one evening... glad it went well (^_^)
  • Hey all: I know it's ugly self promotion, but I'm doing this again this Friday and I'd love to have a monkey contingent. Info is here; let me know if you're coming, as I'd love to meet you!