June 15, 2007

LMNOPUZ is a collaborative, online crossword puzzle. I think it's gonna take them awhile to work out the bugs (it times out a lot and has occasional glitches), but what a killer app!
  • Dumb question: when I complete a puzzle, how do I get out of it and start a new one?
  • Okay, I am seriously enjoying this. Thanks, forks. Now I must sleep. Seriously.
  • I wish the ones that are completed were marked in some way.
  • This is where my porn addiction prevents me from wasting an entire day on some stupid game.
  • 1: if the puzzle is finished you have to click back to the main page and pick a new puzzle 2: If you finish it complete and correct, it shows (by color) who finished which parts and gives you a "good joB" note
  • But...every session I click on is the same puzzle. (meaning I could play a second time and look like a genious). *plan emerges*
  • Just start a new session!