June 14, 2007

The problem of man boobs.
  • One of my old favorites...
  • Glad you think it is funny to make light of things like this. Things like gynecomastia and IAS* are serious conditions which can have a socially paralyzing effect on people. Sometimes I just wish that people would think before they speak. *Impenetrable Anus Syndrome
  • I heard it(MBs) was caused by smoking too much pot, especially at younger ages.
  • What I don't get is that half the article is going on about how adolescent obesity is an epidemic, while the other half can't stop saying that more and more adolescent boys are feeling they must be chiseled and cut like the men on magazine covers. This surgery won't make the rest of their body chiseled and cut, so which is it?
  • I understand what you are saying, Lara. I often find myself thinking the same thing. Americans are obese at a higher rate across all ages and both genders. However, we all can acknowledge the incredible pressure on women (especially young women) to be thin. We have this increase in obesity, yet we also have a huge increase in eating disorders. I think that the argument of a lot of people would be that if we had the "ideal" body be something that was more reasonably attainable, then we would not have people doing drastic things to try to achieve that look and we also would not have people give up so easily. The larger people get, the smaller society seems to want them to be.
  • Hey, if you're not perfect, get offa my planet. Perhaps the high concentration of hormones in the cheeseburgers we eat could contribute?
  • I can has man-norks?
  • I'm glad they mention the steroid angle. With "preformance enhancers" so commonly used among the professional athletes there boys are raised to worship, more and more young people feel pressured not only to have an impossibly perfect body but to use drugs to stay competetive (especially if they're hoping for that elusive sprts scholarship).
  • I must say, I do like a man with a six-pack. Especially if he's willing to let me drink at least three of 'em.
  • Her in the UK, we don't have beer 6 packs - usually come in fours. Now four beers - not quite enough. Eight - possibly too much. But after 6, who's got the self-control not to force the last two down? No wonder my moobs are like a playgirl bunny's.
  • Plastic surgeons in the United States suggested that the rise in popularity of professional golf may have also contributed to public awareness of gynecomastia; several prominent popular players have slightly enlarged chests. Like who?
  • Booby Jones and Walter Hangin.
  • So, what's the reonaing behind that? "Oh, I don;t wanna look like that guy?" I find it difficult to believe that that would have more of an impact on someone considering surgery than the many real-life men with enlarged breasts you run into.