June 14, 2007

BBC headline: "FBI tries to fight zombie hordes" This made me really happy just now, despite the less-than-exiting contents of the article.
  • For about 3 seconds I thought that I would have to make a quick run to Butch's guns and Big 5, but sadly this is not the case. DAMN YOU BBC FOR TEASING ME LIKE AN ASIAN SCHOOLGIRL!!!
  • *looks suspiciously at all the Monkeys ZombieFilter
  • A day late for the meme...
  • We had a power cut this morning. Driving to work with all the traffic lights out / alarms going off etc, I briefly thought "This is IT! The fucking day has come!", then realised that part one of my survival plan isn't actually - Drive into work like nothing's wrong. Must reassess...
  • Must have been disappointing?
  • Re-reading some MeFi thread yesterday... there were several posters talking about growing up in the 80s with the sword of atomic anihilation looming over their heads. The films about MAD, the drills, the EBN tests. I've commented this with a couple USA acquiantances and they don't have such a recollection, at least not as strong. Everyone remembers a The Day After, and I recall watching it and yes, it was quite sobering, and fallout was a big topic of discussion over here in those days, but not to the point of being something that colored you daily activities. Do you monkeys remember shivering to this level during the Reagan years?
  • That totally describes my childhood. I grew up with the absolute certainty that one day, the Bomb would come. We had nuclear strike drills in school, where we'd all go and huddle in the hallways. One row crouched with arms on the wall, head beneath. Second row crouched with arms on back of the child in front, head beneath. Later schools without lead-lined(?) halls had us crouching beneath desks. Off to find some songs of the day that show the mood. How strange to find out that the Russians were starving the whole time, and probably couldn't launch the Big One even if they wanted to.
  • Lets dance in style, lets dance for a while Heaven can wait were only watching the skies Hoping for the best but expecting the worst Are you going to drop the bomb or not? How can I save my little boy from Oppenheimer's deadly toy There is no monopoly in common sense On either side of the political fence And if there comes a time Guns and gates no longer hold you in And if you're free to make a choice Just look towards the west and find a friend Oh, and all these
  • Have similar grade school memories as Lara. In later years, I worked for a small town radio station. Across the river was our transmitter building, a cool little place that had (in addition to the transmitter, of course) a teeny tiny studio that we could broadcast from if the power ever went out in the big town. But on topic: there was a fallout basement that had stored water in huge tanks, jugs of non-perishable snacks and hard candies, etc and - a geiger counter! I pictured myself as someday being the sole, surviving broadcaster, struggling my way over there and xmitting out important messages to the remaining populace. But that was silly, as Bush wasn't president yet.
  • Best advice ever concerning nukes was learned in jr. high: Bend over; grasp ankles; kiss ass goodbye. I don't remember being terrioristized, but do remember hiding under the desk, films, knowing where the town bomb shelter was, etc. Bomb shelter holds 50, population 800+--I always wondered about those numbers. I actually think my grandkids are living with a higher level of fear than my generation did.
  • A zombie tale in pictures, vegetarian version.
  • Slow news day?