June 14, 2007

Ebay cuts all advertising with Google "San Jose's eBay cut its advertising Monday shortly after Google unveiled plans for a party in Boston to hawk its online payment service, Google Checkout. Attendees of eBay's user conference, eBay Live, which starts today, were all invited for free drinks, food and massages." From Article
  • Thank god... I was getting sick of all that crappy advertising on each search. Search: [gulag solzhenitsyn siberia] Find Gulags On eBay! Search eBays huge inventory of Gulags! www.ebay.com
  • roly nailed it... this is a good thing for us! And, I'm thinking that, with less meaningless crap in the ads, the ads may become more valuable, and in the long run, good for our God Google.
  • That is not going to change the out of context ads you receive on google. That is a function of google's ad software. It will just be replaced by something else like "Find Gulags at Target! Search Target's huge inventory of Gulags! www.target.com" Contextual advertising will go away on it's on in the future, replaced with smarter user specific ads.
  • smarter user specific ads Yep, insteag of gulag ads... every reader of Monkeyfilter, Metafilter, Digg, Fark will be followed for the rest of your life... by LOL Cat ads on your user specific Google page. (that and carved watermelon owls) (a fitting punishment if I ever heard of one)
  • hai, i am in ur firefox, customizin ur google
  • I ordered a Gulag from Target about a year and a half ago. As of today, it has imprisoned exactly zero people. Zero. Wrap your brain around that, and then explain to me why customer service won't even give me in-store credit.
  • You should have bought your Gulag from Amazon. The Target version was designed by Isaac Mizrahi, and is just too colorful to lure any worthy prisoners.
  • Yeah, and the Complete Works fo Nikolai Gogol I ordered from target was full of references to color-coordinated picnic dishes and wide ranges of cute Halloween candy.
  • And on the cover, as you can see, they misspelled the word "of." And I just couldn't get into their translation of "The Inspector General and His Hello Kitty Soap Dish."
  • fuyugare, that is teh awesome!
  • Wait, wait... free massages?! Was there an I'm Feeling Lucky ending?