June 14, 2007

Sorry, gotta go - convincing sound files for when you really, really want to end that pesky call. Takes me back to the old days when my mother, talking on a black rotary dial phone, would frantically make doorbell pushing motions to us kidlets so she could escape a boring call. I like "My carriage is here".
  • I try not to ever answer the phone.
  • Beautiful! I'd wrtire more on the subject, but the big game is just coming on! GO PACKERS1
  • The math one is good. Although the proper colloquial way to say it is not "x to the power of two", it's "x squared". *trisects thread with compass and straight-edge*
  • Who answers? Vet it through the answering machine. It's cut my calls by 90% on the house phone. If it's important, they'll call back. And as far as the cell...your cutting out....must be the signal....buzzzzzzzzzzz
  • crap! you're YOU. ARE. Spelled Y O U ' R E.
  • In addition to answer phone screening - caller display. I love caller display. And it confuses my mother - how can I possibly know it's her calling - it has to be witchcraft.
  • I'm with gomichild--answering phones rates right up there with tearing my toenails out with fire-tongs. If I really need to reach someone, yodeling is really the only way to go. No batteries required.
  • Cans. On strings.