June 08, 2007

Rutka Laskier Short but very moving.

Thought some of you might like to read this. It reminds of the advert that Anne Franks dad put in the paper to try and find her unaware she was already dead.

  • I wish the Holocaust Museum would put it online with many translations, but I assume that publishing it in a book will help support their mission. That she was probably gassed on arrival at Auschwitz could have been a blessing. I wonder if her father had any inkling about her diary.
  • I can easily understand the dehumanizing of the enemy, the aggressively clung to belief that they are less than insects. How else could you pull the trigger?[*] You need to feel nothing for them. That's not a surprising thing. But to interact with and experience these sub-nothings directly and to not create a bond or feel empathy seems impossible. It is possible. We have to accept that humans are capable of it. What nightmares we are. How does something so contrary to all that we think of as humane, exist at all? I'm drunk so applologies for rant/spelling errors/histrionics. [*] Training and group dynamics is probably another option.
  • Think about this, and let me know if I'm wrong, but I think that even the holocaust pales in comparison to earlier genocides, as bad as it was. The Nazis, and some later/current pockets of those who would kill people because they are "other" have wained in the last centuries. I think we are slowly getting better
  • I hope you're right, but find it difficult to share your confidence, path. And I really hope this girl got to experience that first kiss.
  • Oh, Path, I hope you're right. I've got such a bad feeling with this administration and their disregard for the Geneva Convention and their justifications for killing...