May 27, 2007

Sacha Feiner's Alien Costume
Reverse engineering at its most oddly obsessive. Great work here!
  • That is a totally amazing and creepy creative endeavour!
  • (not w/ FF) Good link. That dude is obsessive, yes, but in a very good way.
  • Obsessive? I don't really think so, do you? I'd say plain ol' NUCKIN' FUTZ!! Does he ever go on a date? seriously, neat stuff--waaaaay to dedicated for me
  • I am not really a fighter, but I would love to kick the ass of someone wearing that costume. Meanwhile, I have successfully completed Phase One of my Shapeshifter costume.
  • Does he ever go on a date? I rather wanted to see some pictures of him in costume at the alluded Vampire's Ball, perhaps tripping the light fantastic with some zombie chica....but perhaps he was simply attacking the darkness. Who knows?