May 27, 2007

Bill Maher on the French. (Some NSFW-type language.)
  • Ooh, free samples!
  • Some salty, some sweet!
  • Some of it has a real ring of truth. Especially about the pee-pee parts and Dr. Phil.
  • I agree with most of his views. I think he does a good job of letting people he disagrees with get across their point. Sometimes I find him to be funny. But there is something that is so smarmy about him that I don't really like to watch him.
  • Can you say "Dennis Miller"?
  • I can, and I just did. It made me feel dirty.
  • You know, bernockle, I agree with you on Maher. But I found this to be so spot-on in both tone and content. It was almost like I was imagining it written on the page as he spoke -- he was way more out of the way of his words than he usually is, if that make any sense.
  • /embarassing defensive rant
  • Is it just me or has Maher's appearance aged about 20 years during the last 7 or 8?
  • No doubt about it, it's been a stressful presidency.