May 25, 2007

"Woman Goes Bananas After Pet Monkey Is Taken"
  • I hope people won't take this as a crackpot story. I really feel for this woman, and I think we should band together and write letters in her support.
  • That's awful! I agree with RTD, not just for the woman's sake, but for the monkey's as well. Poor critter's probably cooped up in a cage somewhere, terrified. :o(
  • Here's a directory of e-mail contacts: I'm going to write to:
  • On second thought, I think I'll stay out of it. I did some research, and according to this the monkey is at the zoo, not in a cage at animal control, and she has documentation to prove she can legally keep the monkey.
  • Look folks, if we allow this lady to have her monkey, we are one more step down the slippery slope of human slavery. You know it's true. First they came for the capuchins, then they came for me.
  • Then people will be marrying their dogs, dammit!
  • Wait, wait, they took her monkey, AND they want to charge her $1300 per month to keep it? That's fucked up!
  • *leaves out some bananas as an offering* (((
  • A new state law forbids anyone from importing, selling, breeding or having a "non-human primate," including monkeys. Whew, you guys are ok. Human primates can relax now. Except you kids. You damn kids get offa my lawn!
  • I watched her interview on MSNBC this weekend. Broke my heart. She said that she was told if she didn't pay the $1300 a month he'd be euthanized.
  • FWIW, Thurmont is the closest town to Camp David. Make your own shrub joke.
  • Montgomery County code bans all animals of an "untamable disposition," including those with "characteristics that reflect domestication and taming." 1. It's possible that that's taken out of context, but those two statements sound contradicting to me. 2. Aren't Capuchins the monkeys they train to be helpers for the disabled? I wouldn't think you'd EVER use the word "untamable" in reference to them.