May 16, 2007

Tiny, gothic Japanese girl throws mighty chokeslams
Please to be excusing and deleting if I am double posting. I'm sorta new here. Again.
  • Awww! so cute! Good to see you again, forks!!
  • I think you forgot to NSFW the clown boobs.
  • Hi forksy!
  • I'm thinking it might be fake.
  • forks!
  • What I like about it is that the adult wrestlers are essentially doing the same thing they would be doing if she was some gigantic man. The fact that she is such a small girl just makes it more obvious that it is simply choreographed physical movements. I think that WWF-type wrestling is interesting from a choreography standpoint. You get to see enormous men doing some interesting or difficult maneuvers. However, there are only so many things they really do. To see it once or twice pretty much covers the bases. It is strange to me that the fans who watch it do so for the drama of it all. If I were going to watch it, it would be for the choreography of it all.
  • I'd watch it for the hard-learned life lessons.
  • I watch it to learn how to properly hit a guy with a folding chair.
  • I'd watch it for the wigs.
  • I watch it for the biting social commentary.
  • Man, we live in a strange world.
  • forks!! it's been millions of years :D
  • I'd like to know what the plot-line was behind that. Coming in to rescue her father, who I think we can see in the background at one point?
  • The double chokeslam at the end is poetry. Must be a little hard to swallow though, if you've worked your way up in the leagues and all of the sudden the boss tells you to take a dive to someone no higher than your kneecap.
  • Heh. Cute but I normally only go to Youtube to read the comments.
  • It's a catchy tune.
  • Hey everybody, it's FORKS! Put Pop Tarts in the toaster! Get out the cockpunch! Dish up some owl semen tofu! I've got plates and a tablespoon here we can use. MCT, you bring the napkins.
  • Well, she's fluffy and yellow, but she's no chick.
  • Good to be back and astonishing to know ya'll still remember this little one! What have I missed?