March 30, 2007

Boston Marathon run virtually Sunita Williams qualified for the Boston Marathon but will be out of town on the day of the race next month. The race committee was gracious enough to let her participate virtually, bungee'd down on a zero-G treadmill in the Zvezda module of the International Space Station.

I would have liked it if I could have had virtual Valentine's Day from the Antarctic, but maybe next time.

  • This is pretty cool. And will be good bragging rights for the marathon. Wonderful PR idea on their part. I'm intrigued -- just by virtue of the fact that she's on a treadmill, she's got a distinct advantage over the street runners, but then there are considerable disadvantages that stem from the time she's spent in zero G.
  • i used to hand out water to runners going up Heartbreak Hill, on which i lived... i'm not quite sure how i would hand Ms Williams a cooling beverage... very cool for her anyway. at least we know she won't be pulling a Rosie Ruiz and jumping the T.
  • So... SpaceRaceā„¢?
  • Update: She's off! No word on how the weather is in Zarya. Apparently it stinks on the ground, so Williams may have a weather advantage. Of course, the treadmill does break down a lot, which could offset this.
  • agh link.
  • Go MCT!! *munches popcorn, flips through channels*
  • Now this looks like a lot of fun! Let's sign up MCT.
  • I think DIMMN has done that one.