March 25, 2007

Beatboxing has been covered here before but all of the links are dead. It has been called the fifth element of hip hop. It is old skool, it is new skool. It is performed by clowns, the Dutch, the French, and the New York Philharmonic (wait for it 1:30 in to the video).
  • Please leave the clowns out of MonkeyFilter; they scare the children.
  • Go Uncle! Go Uncle! It's your FPP!
  • Let's start a pool for when all these links will too be dead, not counting the internal MoFi link. I call February 17, 2010.
  • Pfftbb pfftttBBbb-uhhua-uhhuaaabTTff! Ffffk psst BBuh Bbbbbuhuahuabtt rruuuanffbbTT! tttuahBBt! patteeTbbt! CrrckeeKuha bttpF bbttpF upppBBt! *fading echo*
  • Don't forget about this feller. Better here.
  • Sacha Baron Cohen does a little backbeats.
  • This guy with a flute does Inspector Gadget, and this French kid is totally sick. Interesting how non-American influenced beatboxers tend to more club beats than hip-hop. But this guy is insane. Wait for it. The really amazing shit comes at about 2 minutes in.