March 23, 2007

Stop the Falsiness! We're putting Stephen Colbert on notice. For almost a year, his ceaseless falsiness -- disguised, shamelessly, as truthiness -- has gone unchallenged. No longer.

Why does FiFox seem to think that truthiness isn't a word?

  • A joke about a joke? What's the point?
  • I keep reading that as, Stop the Falsies!
  • It's bigger than that.
  • Stop the Falsies! Hell yeah!
  • Well, it's become bigger now. But its intention was merely for jokiness: "The video, called "Stop the Falsiness," was created by MoveOn and Brave New Films as a tongue-in-cheek commentary on Colbert's portrayal of the right-wing media and parodying MoveOn's own reputation for earnest political activism." As someone involved in comedy, I find that the least funny thing is to parody parody.
  • Yeah. I'm with monkeylion on this. I mean, you can milk this concept for only so much humor, otherwise it turns into a big hall of irony mirrors, each less funny than the last.
  • I hate that so-called word truthiness. Why is it all the liars love it so?
  • I don't even get it in the very least. It's like MoveOn is trying to say that they (MoveOn) are phony leftwingers. (I never got truthiness in the first place) But no matter how stupid it is, it's REALLY fucked up that Viacom tried having it taken down for copyright infringement. That very show does that very same thing, uses clips of other people's show for an attempt at parody and humor.
  • Honestly, the Viacom suit is the best possible thing to have happened to this video. Fake right-wing pundit is fake-attacked by tongue-in-cheek left wingers who love his show. The result? A real DMCA takedown request from an aggressive media giant, which in turn generates a real lawsuit from left-winger media freedom advocates, taking on the media conglomerate over their abuse of the hated DMCA laws. It's like an EFF wet dream come true or something. That in the end is far funnier than the original parody video fake-attacking the parody TV show. It's so many levels of irony, fake irony, fake stupidity and real stupidity that I can't even begin to figure out what the funniest part of the whole thing is in the first place. Personally, I blame the bears. It's probably their fault.
  • You will never stop The Falsies.