March 23, 2007

Hand bookbinding . Chinese bookbinding. Embroidered bookbinding. Sprinkled, dyed, marbled, gilt or gauffered edges.

To really make those edges gorgeous, fore-edge painting: An early monoplane on The Poetical Works of Elizabeth Barrett Browning; Galleons on The Poetical Works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow; The Lady of the Lake on The Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott; A steam train on a bound copy of the proceedings of a public meeting held at Freemasons’ Hall on 18 June 1824 to debate the issue of erecting a monument to James Watt, inventor of the steam engine, who was described as ‘a man whose inventions had so essentially promoted the prosperity and increased the resources of the British Empire’. Here are some gorgeous ones.

  • Oh fish tick, you have MADE my Friday. These are lovely, elevating, and inspiring. Books are often exquisite things, and are rarely recognized as such. I was lucky enough to view the Book of Kells when it was in the U.S. and the experience was quite transporting--I can still recall the goosebumps. Thank you for some wonderful links to get my weekend started properly. I hope it rains so I have an excuse to spend time with these goodies. BTW, remember when dictionaries had cut-in thumb tabs? Ah, those were the days. *deeply-fetched, heartfelt sigh*
  • One more thing: for those not allergic to Shockwave, there are some beautiful old books to paw through, page by page, here.
  • Ah, yes, Kinna, thumb tabs used to save me many minutes paging back and forth. Lovely linkies, BTW. I want a book writ on rose petals and bound with a million woven eyelash hairs from a guanaco.
  • Wonderful post, fish tick! I can *almost* smell them... Now, I shall be lost for a while. GranMa, you have inspired me!
  • OMG!! book porn! that is so awesome. thanks :D
  • I have yet to open a single link and already I love this post.
  • Books. I love books. Now I love fishtick. *wipes up drool BIG )))'s
  • Lovely. Thanks.
  • Books are stupid. For boring, silent people. Good for burning in winter, maybe.
  • *administers Virtual Wedgie*
  • *administers purple nurple
  • *adds a noogie for good measure*
  • A Study of Reading Habits by Philip Larkin When getting my nose in a book Cured most things short of school, It was worth ruining my eyes To know I could still keep cool, And deal out the old right hook To dirty dogs twice my size. Later, with inch-thick specs, Evil was just my lark: Me and my coat and fangs Had ripping times in the dark. The women I clubbed with sex! I broke them up like meringues. Don't read much now: the dude Who lets the girl down before The hero arrives, the chap Who's yellow and keeps the store Seem far too familiar. Get stewed: Books are a load of crap.
  • I opened this thread planning to reply like so: *contented sigh* but I see kinnakeet sorta got there first. Still, *contented sigh*