March 22, 2007

Cufflights! Hack your sleeves, dude.
  • Try explaining those to the airport security types.
  • *imagines seductive possibilities* *knows they wouldn't work any better than the fog machine he bought for the bedroom*
  • Slick. The next step, of course, it to make them into decoratve cufflinks.
  • Awe. Some.
  • Isn't this something David Copperfield would wear?
  • Very inventive, i expect to see them as a regular feature of jackets soon. Would it be that hard to incorporate a bottle opener though? It's obviously inspired by my own LED-illuminated underwear. Which . . doesn't really help with anything. But gives me a warm feeling anyway.
  • I read that as "Cuffights! Hack your sleeves, dude." Also good!
  • Better thah hacking ON your sleeve...
  • Edward Flashlighthands.
  • Want.
  • You might as well do the collar too!
  • ... and a FireFlyTM
  • I'm all for leds in your underwear. Unzip, and let your light shine on the world.
  • got me a maglite in my pants
  • Yeah, but the maglite's supposed to go in front. and where's the light? All I see is the battery ca- oh.
  • I love the dude modeling them. He thinks he's so damned cool. Is it whacky invention day?