March 22, 2007

Aquarium toilet - who could possibly wee with all those witnesses? Video!

I searched umpteen times, honest.

  • Does anyone know what can be found at the bottom of a Fish 'N Flush? I'll give you a minute to think...
  • And it went... wherever I... did go...
  • (save this one for your 8-year old, they'll love it) Bass turds. I am so ashamed.
  • Fish 'n flush? Really? oooooKay . . . Looking for "Fish 'N Flush"!! *BZZZZZZZZT* Ohhhhh! Well, at least you've won the Fish 'N Flush home game . . .
  • I am so disappointed. I thought the fish were going to be in the bowl, not the tank. I wasn't sure how it would work, but I was loving the idea of crapping directly onto the fish.
  • The witness are rather 'wee' themselves. I'd still be a tiny bit uncomfortable widdling with them right there. It's pretty hard to tell what their intentions are from looking at their eyes. Nice bog though, very glad the fish don't get flushed.
  • That would really mess with my whole hand washing sink over the toilet tank thing. *A waterfall feature!*
  • Ooh- then you'd need miniature otters!
  • Octopiss?
  • You have to be careful when you wipe, otherwise you get squid marks.
  • Gosh, Bernockle, I was about to invite you over for a nice piece of fish, but now that I know how you feel I'm not so sure...
  • How can they be sure the tank stays germ-free? I'd be too worried. What I would do is get the Fish-n-Flush, fill it full of water plants and stuff, and never put real fish in. It'd still be purty.
  • Or you could put Santa and his minions in there with sparkly cotton sheeting, as shown in the gallery. Pretty special stuff. I'm so grateful I live in a day and age when our need for scenic toilet tanks is finally addressed. 'Bout time.