March 22, 2007

Everything you wanted to know about Greek gods but were afraid to ask. Includes galleries, family trees, a bestiary, and a library of a fair few translations of Greek and Roman source texts. And it has monkeys.

Related (though the link doesn't seem to be working), and sort of vaguely related.

  • That's a bookmark. I liked those times in Robert Graves' Greek Myths where he related elements of the stories to historical events, though I seem to recall no one takes Graves that seriously these days. Not sure if that bit of theory still holds up, though wasn't there some convoluted explanation of the Trojan horse as = animal associated with Poseidon = earthquake, which then fitted the archaeology.
  • OOOH! Bookmarkbookmarkbookmarkbookmarkbookmark!
  • What TUM said! Great stuff, bobboggis!
  • Two questions: Why are there so many gods made up of spare parts? Where are the celebrity photos?
  • I'm with TUM and mothninja! This one's a keeper. Can't wait to spend some serious time digging through these tasty, tasty links. Yay! Thanks bobboggis! This is precisely the sort of thing that makes me grateful for the Internet.
  • This is awesome. I was just thinking to my self, "Self, it's time you learned more about the Greek gods." I love when MoFi works like this. Thanks!
  • I'm with TUM and mothninja! But I said bookmark too! I suppose sulking in my tent will be the only way I ever resemble Achilles. Sniff.
  • but TUM said bookmark lots of times, so we're agreeing with the emphasis as well as the sentiment... Don't sulk! you were right too!
  • Yes, Abiezer, you were ever so right. Now please come out of your tent. And bring Patroclus' body out with you, too, please-- it's getting rather ripe.
  • It's that TUM. She stole my thunder, and I'm on the Olympus nightshift reloading for Zeus tonight.
  • *gets on the hotline to Thor, lends A_C some thunder from the Norse Pantheon. We've got plenty :-) *
  • I wish I'd got a job with the Norse to be honest. The weather would suit my complexion, and I don't even want to start on what some of this lot get up to after bedtime. Suffice it to say it's no surprise that Durrell set My Family and Other Animals in Greece. Shockin'
  • Sorry, Abiezer Coppe! I'm with you, too. *sneaks into tent in human form bearing bottle of nectar*
  • See, it all works out in the end (if you throw a big enough hissy-fit).
  • And have enough nectar!
  • Ya got heels, aintcha?
  • I loved mythology when I was little; as an incredibly sheltered kid who wasn't even supposed to watch love scenes on TV, it amused me to no end that I was allowed - hell, encouraged - to read as much beastiality, incest, and cannibalism as my prurient little brain wanted. Great timing, bobboggis! I recently started reading Eric Shanower's retelling of The Trojan War, Age of Bronze, and despite him stripping the story of the supernatural elements, it really whetted my appetite for that wacky Pantheon. Thanks!
  • OOOooooo juicy stuff!