March 22, 2007

Papa Spank! Unintentionally funny comic vignettes for your amusement... alas, no monkeys.
  • 'Scuse my ignorance, but what was Riddler's 'boner' supposed to be? There's no way I'm going to put that in Google.
  • The boner thing keeps going, too. IIRC, Batman and Robin discuss how they're going to use the Joker's boners to catch studying the GREAT BONERS OF ALL TIME!!11!
  • Boner used to be shorthand for boneheaded move. It took me awhile, but I'm pretty sure I figured out what was meant by butt-stroked. pistol-whipped
  • "What does he mean, Bruce? How can he force you into a boner?"
  • "Ouch! No Bruce! I said 'into' not 'onto'!"
  • Very funny, xenmate, really enjoyed this. Fascinating how language evolves. This offers numerous vivid examples of not only linguistic change but also how prevalent sexism used to be (and still is in some quarters). I have a collection of old newspapers from around 1890 to 1930 that are just plain hilarious when read through 2007 filters. I must admit, "butt-stroked" did give me pause... and Robin, exposing himself? Golly gee...
  • I've been revisiting the Cherry Ames books I loved as a girl, and some of the WWII-era slang is kind of cute. Like, when a wounded soldier says, "I'm completely jake," he doesn't eman that he's named Jacob through and through.
  • ...although it might mean he longs to be with the Fat Man. (sorry, TUM, could not resist)
  • Good Grief, More Satan's Boners!
  • Man-of-steel-On-Boy Action
  • Some of these Batman and Robin / Joker panels make the Ambiguously Gay Duo actually seem ambiguous in comparison!
  • Reminds me of the always-amusing, or the "context is for the weak" tag on scans_daily (probably NSFW; also, probably the least subtle innuendo you've ever seen).
  • Great stuff xenmate.
  • I'm completely Jake.
  • although it might mean he longs to be with the Fat Man. "Hi, Bill? It's your agent here. Listen, I got an audition for you. Big starring role on this new TV show called 'Jake and the Fat Man.'" *pause* "I should tell you in advance, the role of 'Jake' has already been cast."
  • A thread about unintentionally funny comics needs a Mister Kitty link.