January 18, 2007

Death on the High Seas. Fascinating article about mysterious deaths and missing persons on holiday cruises.
  • Yikes! Scary stories, those.
  • Wow. Complete news to me. Cruiseline debauchery! Fascinating read kit. The Cruise Bruise Cruise Ship Bruising Report
  • Shocking!
  • Yes. This story has created a real splash. sorry
  • Kit: I'm warning you. Don't go overboard with that.
  • "...ship security officers would reveal that finding drunk, naked people on deck was a relatively common occurrence." AND no police presence? AND fighting pirates armed with rocket launchers? Duuuuuuude... I'm so going on a cruise next year.
  • More than fascinating I find it infuriating. Yes, I recall thinking how easy would it be 'right now, to fall or throw someone overboard' in the middle of the night on a ship, and nothing can be done to prevent it unless they close open decks, but those places are filled with security cameras. What are they doing with all that footage? Recall an article about scarily common ocurrences of child molesting onboard many cruise ships. Certainly, the mix of un-escorted kids and cheap ubiquitous booze around can be disastrous. Still, the food can be quite good.
  • MonkeyFilter: un-escorted kids and cheap ubiquitous booze
  • AND fighting pirates armed with rocket launchers? One ship I was once rescued a big raft with marooneed sailors. This was some months after 9/11, and the already heightened security at port was taken to the point of making all guests show up for document checks one day at 6:00 a.m. on some of the ball rooms. Recall thinking while seeing that little boat's rescue operation unfolding, 'I just hope they don't have a nuke in there...'
  • I feel into this place off the side of a ship.
  • I fell, too. But mostly, I feeeeeeeeel.
  • I know people who were on the Maurice Ewing when it was chased by pirates in the Arabian Sea. Apparently there was a story about how they used some kind of noisemaker to discourage the attackers, but I've never seen such a device on ships I've been on. I've seen instructions for dialing 911 however.
  • zorgon - A thirty dollar link? That must be one hell of an article