January 04, 2007

Iblard - the fantastical art of Inoue Naohisa

The way he goes about his drawings is lovely

  • Interesting, although (shameless snob that I am), I'll spend some more time with it all before I make my mind up. This, say, and this together is, well, very interesting. Thanks, dng (let's make this clear): despite my shameless snobbery, I'm enjoying exploring this site. Cheers.
  • *admires the laputas* I want an elf tree! ))) !!!
  • Beautiful. I love his approach.
  • I keep reading that as iBlard, like iPod. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE Miyazaki's work. I doubt there would be anyone who would question the quality and beauty. Inoue Naohisa's artwork is amazing and looking at his process makes me excited about my own approach to painting. But I can't help but think it's just a japanese version of Thomas Kinkade which doesn't sit well with me. When looking at various images from Iblard Kinkadia, one often feels nostalgia, and many times one can't help feeling that he or she once knew such a place. Has your heart ever whispered to you? Has it ever said "I know this place, perhaps this is my real home!" Iblard Kinkadia is just full of nostalgic places, it is a land of memories, a home to return to after a long day's work! see? ugh...
  • Very cool. What a strange way too draw.
  • Reminds me a lot more of Magritte's work than Kincade's.
  • I like the method. Didn't some of the surrealists use patterns from wood bark, etc as an arbitrary starting point to help the contents of the subconscious get out? This seems like a further step in the same direction.