December 31, 2006

Parasite makes men dumb, women sexy

Now who will make the first beer joke?

  • Er...two men walk into a bar...
  • > Now who will make the first beer joke? And ye beat us to it yerself, ya boy ye! TBH the same story has been around in different forms for about 18 months. Do I believe it? Well, a little bit...
  • *sprinkles cat poop in roryk's beer*
  • --insert flurry of Chy's animated gifs here--
  • Ah! That explains why I'm so damned smart.
  • A common parasite can increase a women's attractiveness to the opposite sex but also make men more stupid, an Australian researcher says. Fortunately, in the northern hemisphere, it's the men who are the sex kittens and the women who are dumb. You know, Coriolis Effect etc.
  • I guess there's diminishing returns on that sexiness quotient when we start talking about "cat ladies" with 85 cats in their house.
  • Are you talking about that "land down under, where women glow and men plunder" or "where all the women are strong, the men good looking and all the children are good looking"? Because Men are from Mars, Women from Venus, and most MetaFilter members are from Uranus. (And Disney just finished re-making "Snow White and the Eight Dwarfs" after Pluto joined the group, but I digress)
  • So 88% of the French are catshit insane? This does explain a lot.
  • A pox on osmosis!
  • Gotcha
  • Ingestion, accidental or otherwise, of contaminated cat feces. can someone help me out on this one, please????????????
  • OR OTHERWISE in case you missed that the first time.
  • You mustn't pick up cat litter with your bare hands. That might help, Medusa.
  • Cat poop is a delicacy in Canada. And France, apparently.
  • *Especially* in French Canada. With gravy and cheese curds. Poo-tine!
  • Excuse me. Are you insinuating that someplace there are foods that are actually served without gravy?
  • So is this a double, or what?
  • Yes it is, but the boss is in Blenheim and unable to eek. I think.
  • So it's a Seinfeld sorta parasite
  • Ingestion, accidental or otherwise, of contaminated cat feces. I guess they just didn't want to say "accidental or intentional".