December 27, 2006

Sorry, I think another miracle is debunked. First look at this Jesus-thingie, but before getting too religiously excited you might want to check out this other, non-Jesus thingie.
  • Oooh, that second one is really fun. And when you're nearsighted, you don't need to back up a few meters - glasses up and the faces change! Nifty!
  • Right. It's called an Optometrist's Illusion. Other Optometrist's Illusions include "Girls Who Are Not as Hot Without Glasses," "My Insurance Covers This But I Still Have to Pay?," and "Make the Lowest Line Be Non-Alphabetic Symbols So the Person Thinks He Needs Glasses."
  • My neighbors have a jesus poster in their bathroom that has the same effect. His eyes are closed when you are washing your hands but he stares at you when you pee. It's creepy.
  • I have a "Jeff Goldblum is watching you poop" poster in my bathroom. And yes, his eyes are wide open. Wide, wide open.
  • We had that Goldblum poster in the bathroom at work. . . I can still see him watching me whenever I poop. . .
  • Holy cow! My fundamentalisticly religious grandparents gave me a picture of Jesus that did the eyes thing more than 60 years ago. It was even better, however, because it had this sparkly stuff glued on the face that looked like frosting with ice crystals in it. I hadn't thought of it in just about as many years. I still don't understand what it was supposed to tell me.
  • path, I think it was trying to tell you Jesus is a drag queen diva.
  • path, I think it was trying to tell you Jesus is a drag queen diva. best - comment - ever
  • What Argh said. Plus tax.
  • Noh mask thingie.
  • I don't care what you say, the first picture in the second link doesn't look like three humans, up close or far away.
  • I found the second link interesting. Women's faces look from a distance as if they are smiling, but when you get closer, they look distressed and disgusted. Knew it was some kind of a optical thing,