December 27, 2006

Curious George: baby footwear. Just before the holidays, Sister Renault announced she was going to sprog, some time in June. In order to keep a longstanding promise/threat, and to annoy my brother-in-law, I need to find baby Docs.

Are there such things? I know there used to be, and my weak google-fu reveals only proper, churchworthy baby Dr. Martens, which, while cute, are not the infant-sized cherry shitkickers I'm after. Baby Chucks are proving very easy to find, so I'm good on that score. The problem is, Sister Renault has become rather dull since she married a guy who, back in the 80s, was wearing a mullet and listening to GNR instead of something cool like the Violent Femmes or the Smiths, as we were. So this kid is going to need all the help he/she can get, to start off right. And baby cherry Docs should do the trick. (Shockingly, there seem to be no Habs onesies available, so the kid is at risk of becoming a Leafs fan like his/her father, poor thing.)

  • (At least the kid can grow up with a bit of character, rather than supporting stupid Chelsea.)
  • I think that shopping for BabyChucks and BabyNikes and BabyDocs just teaches the child at a very early age that material items are important. I think it is dangerous to make the focus of a majority of the comliments a child receives be based on the child's appearance or attire. When I do have a baby, I am going to keep him/her wrapped in seaweed until he/she is eleven.
  • My sympathies on having a nephew/niece who's a Leafs fan. Or who could be a Leafs fan. Docs may have to wait, but it's impossible to get their little feet into boots at the best of times. In the meantime, try typing punk and baby into google. I got a page of promising links, one of which may even have docs.
  • This kid is soooooo getting a Ramones onesie -- thanks, NE! And bernockle, as much as this is about making sure the kid has cool duds, it's about pissing off my brother-in-law. Shirley, we can all get behind that...
  • Don't forget the lullabies. (Some of these are at and if you don't want to fork over the USD.)
  • No honey, not 'wah wah wah' it's 'Oi oi oi!'
  • No Docs, but there's good schwag to be had at Nippaz With Attitude
  • That site gave my AdBlock a seizure.
  • These are the closest I could find, and I'm not sure they're available small enough for an infant.
  • How about baby Crocs?
  • Crocs are covered. The kid's mother got a pair for Christmas, but they're "just for the pregnancy". Sure. Whatever.
  • I just got a pair of crocheted (maybe tatted?) baby Chuck look-a-likes that are the cutest thing ever. I can put you into contact with the woman who made them, who could surely make you some baby docs. (She works with my mom and has a side-business of crocheting awesomeness.)
  • Every nipper needs a cool uncle! Can't wait for the 2022 update about buying the kid his first beer!
  • Thanks, meredithea -- but the money I'm likely to spend at mothy's link is likely to preclude any custom jobs...
  • Hipster music article. I don't think it's a good article, but if it's all about toying with the BiL, there may be something in it. via
  • "To buy the baby Ramones T-shirt or play Kid A in the minivan on the way to gymnastics, both parents have to be into it, and if one of you isn't embarrassed by that kind of thing—"we're cool, our daughter's cool, deal with it"—you're not ready to have kids. It's not my kid, so the Ramones shirt must be OK.
  • Here's something a niece could grow into.
  • Not bad... Not bad at all. Turns out that you can colour your own Kickers, which would be a nice present for the kid. Or for the kid's uncle. European size 43, 105 Euro. A steal, I say, a STEAL!
  • Hah. I thought you said, "colour your own Knickers." Which I have. And doo.
  • I thought he said that too. Was trying to imagine what weird-ass size 43 knickers were!
  • Ramones onesie, Biohazard onesie, Love/Hate antiscratch mittens and 80s lullabys and punk rock lullabys have all arrived. Now we'll see how they go over. And in related news, Neal Pollack writes about raising hip babies. But dude's trying waaaaaay too hard. And how hip can the kid be in a non-Devo household?