December 27, 2006

Otakon 2006!
  • Ahhh yes, time to dust off my 2XL Rei Ayanami jumpsuit. See ya there!
  • once everyone's inside we should lock the doors and throw away the key
  • Man Faye.
  • repeat
  • Hmm, this "cosplay"... what is this... let me just load up one of these galleries and... OH DEAR GOD NO.
  • 606- you could have at least put a link and a NSFWOH warning. My eyes...ouchie!
  • But aside from him and the lady in the pink hair behind him, no one else is in costume. What kind of cosplay convention is this?
  • Yeah, that one became the desktop of our manager here at work. While he was out. He he...
  • The one time I ventured to Otakon, I thought it was pretty lame as cons go... the Baltimore Convention Center closes at 2am, so instead of playing games and drinking all night long-- which is what cons are FOR-- you have to go trudging out into the street at 2am while ranks of glowering maintenance workers tap their feet impatiently at you.